What I Do

exterior residential windows

To put it simply, I clean the whole window, and I do it the best way I know how.

Privileged to have had an entrepreneurially-minded father, I have been cleaning windows #likeaVoss since I was knee-high to a grasshopper, and I am confident that you’ll be happy with my work.

My dad started his own window cleaning company when I was a kid growing up in Wisconsin, and fortunately for me, worked out a lot of the initial kinks of learning a new trade and of starting a business.

People will often ask if I use a pressure washer or will need to use their garden hose, but I haven’t found these options to be as effective as the method my dad taught me to use.

He always did everything by hand, and I am not one to try to reinvent the wheel. Hand washing each window, where I can get up close and remedy every streak and bug spot, is clearly the best way to a crystal clear glass.

Service Area

My main focus is on West County and Saint Charles County, but I am flexible. As they say: have squeegee, will travel.

Pricing for #awesomeVossome Window Cleaning

high interior windows

$149 for the first 10 windows + $10 for each additional window, which includes screens and sills. This is a fairly simple pricing algorithm for standard double-hung windows that will usually get us at least in the right ballpark.

Unfortunately, windows older than 20-30 years are usually much more labor-intensive, and I would need to have a good look at them before I can give an intelligent estimate.

Ladder work

interior window cleaning ladder work

Having grown up in the industry, I never developed a fear of heights; spending a disproportionate amount of time atop ladders has helped me develop some great balance (and some #awesomeVossome acrobatic skills) while still maintaining a healthy respect for heights.

I’m happy to go as high as three stories inside or outside, though with much added #awesomeVossome specialization or precariousness, the cost might be a little more than, say, a standard window.

Pricing for Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is hard to estimate without first seeing the damage, but in general, pricing is based on how high they are from the ground.

In theory, 1st story gutters would run about $1/foot, 2nd story would run $2/foot, etc. However, it rarely happens that every foot actually needs my attention, and being an honest man, #likeaVoss, I won’t charge for work that I don’t do.

Power Washing

I own a 2000psi pressure washer and have experience in cleaning patios, decks, driveways, vinyl siding and aluminum gutters.


We love to take care of our friends #likeaVoss, so PLEASE ask me for any #awesomeVossome referrals for house cleaning, home staging, or building outdoor retaining walls.

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